Monday, 31 October 2011

X-Ray Glasses That Can Read Minds

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), USA, said that they had come up with a new pair of “ X-ray glasses “, which can help the wearer know exactly what the person he/she is talking to is thinking. In the same manner, the glasses can also tell the wearer when he/she should stop talking. The glasses have a built-in camera which monitors the other person’s facial expressions and matches them up with 24 known features which convey emotions. It will then tell the individual via an earpiece and lights on the glasses what is going through the other person’s mind.

In traffic light-style system, a red light means negative, amber means modest interest, and green indicates that the other person is happy.The eyewear was originally developed for people suffering from autism who have genuine problems in interacting with others, but now the developers have seen wider applications of the glasses. The prototype works thanks to a camera the size of a grain of rice which is put into the frame and connected to a mini-computer, attached to the user’s body.
The camera monitors how long and often the 24 “features points” appear on the subject’s face which are then analysed by a special software developed by the MIT team. This data is then compared with a bank of expressions and the computer tells the wearer what is going on via the earpiece and the traffic light-style system.

Friday, 21 October 2011

propeller clock-An Amazing Illusion

It was great to see a propeller clock circuit and its working.The great use of chips display the illusion of a clock in air with LEDs.

A motor spins the "propeller", and a small microprocessor keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs. It is an illusion, but it works nicely.
If you want to build this clock, you will need a few things, including:
  Skill with motors and mechanical things.
  Prior electronic experience.
  A dead VCR or floppy drive or other source of a suitable motor and miscellaneous parts.
  A programmer that will program a PIC16C84 or 16F84 microprocessor.
Propeller clocks were to my knowledge first started by Bob Blick then many people started copying his idea and adding certain improvements along the way. Propclocks are really pretty complex devices, utilizing a PIC microcomputer that performs instructions at 10mhz. The PIC is the brain of the device and does most of the work involved in making the LEDs light up at just the right time so that it appears there are numbers, and in the analog mode hands suspened in mid air. On my version of the clock you change the mode and time setting while it is still spinning at about 1150 PRM. This is done through carefully alligned photo detectors and LEDs. These sensors are located on the rear of the spinning motor so they dont affect the look of the clock at all.
Here is its circuit diagram.

Here is its video.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

DON 2 Hindi Movie

After a long wait King is back with its thrilling action in DON 2 movie.
Sharukhan is seen in a new style with glamour and lots of action. Still suspence was there in people minds wheather DON 2 is going to be relased or not, but it is confirmed through this trailer that DON-2 is going to be released on 23rd Dec 2011 at the auspecious moment of Christmas.

See the DON-2 trailer video below......
If you like then please comment.

PSLV Does it Again For INDIA

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV –C18) demonstrated its reliability and consistency yet again when it put four satellites in orbit on Wednesday 12,2011. It was great to see that the four stage fired the four in orbit after 21 minutes of a flawless flight,the 19th consecutive success of the PSLV.

The satellites were: Megha-Tropiques, SRMSat, Jugnu, VesselSat.
Below is the details of these satellites;

The Megha-Tropiques satellite an Indo-French mission is designed to study the clouds in the tropical regions of the world that play a major role in climate change.It is 1000-kg satellite with a life span of five years, would cover the entire globe in a day, and information from it would reach the public in three hours.It will help in predicting Indian monsoons,flood,cyclones and droughts, besides estimating weather in the short term and climate in the long term in tropical countries.
The SRMSat satellite is built by students of SRM University, near chennai.It would address the problem of global-warming and pollution in the atmosphere by monitoring the carbon-dioxide and water vapour there.

The Jugnu satellite put together by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur students  is a three kg satellite which has a camera to keep a tab on the vegetation and status of water bodies.
The VesselSat satellite from Luxembourg will help in locating ships cruising in the sea lanes of the world.It is a 29 kg satellite built by LuxSpace of Luxembourg has an automatic identification system for locating ships at sea in the region covered by the satellite’s footprints.

The four satellites were shot into orbit one after the other at a velocity of 26,000 km an hour.This is the 19th consecutive successful mission of PSLV out of 20 launches since 1993.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Carol Bartz Fired From Yahoo CEO Post

Carol Bartz, the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has been outed from her position after months of speculation that there is going to be a change in the top post at Yahoo.
The major shakeup was announced by Yahoo on Tuesday via a statement. Bartz will be replaced by Yahoo's Chief Financial Officer, Tim Morse as the new interim CEO of Yahoo.

Carol Bartz
The announcement of departure of Bartz from Yahoo had a positive effect on the company's stocks, with the shares rising above 7 percent on the Nasdaq stock exchange in after hours trading. She had held the post since 2008, when she replace Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo.

Bartz's time at Yahoo has been described as an rocky era for Yahoo. She took the post of the CEO promising a full change in the company's revenue and gain the reputation that Yahoo once held. However, Bartz failed to accomplish this difficult task and was under increasing pressure from the board, investors and analysts to get the company's affairs in order. At the Yahoo's Annual shareholder day held in June, the investors spoke out against Bartz. Stockholders criticized Yahoo for its falling stock prices, and multiple top executive resignations combines with loss of revenue from display advertisement market to rivals such as Google and Facebook. Bartz fruitlessly tried to attract attention of their shareholders to increased traffic during the royal wedding and the various cost cutting measure, which failed to please the investors. A few investors went out of their way in questioning Bartz's ability to run Yahoo and called for her removal.

However, Bartz was successful in signing a search engine deal with Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Bing and had successfully taken other cost cutting measures that have helped increase profits for Yahoo.

Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo!) is a digital media company. Yahoo! provides engaging and innovative canvases for advertisers to connect with their target audiences. To users, it provides online properties and services (Yahoo! Properties). To advertisers, it provides a range of marketing services designed to reach and connect with users of its Yahoo! Properties, as well as with Internet users beyond Yahoo! Properties, through a distribution network of third-party entities (its Affiliates) that have integrated its advertising offerings into their Websites or other offerings (those Websites and other offerings, Affiliate sites). The Company’s offerings to users on Yahoo! Properties fall into three categories: Communications and Communities, Search and Marketplaces, and Media. During the year ended December 31, 2010, it acquired Dapper, a technology platform and acquired Citizen Sports. During 2010, it acquired Koprol, Indonesia’s location-based social network.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Facebook releases its long-awaited iPad app

Hi guys Facebook has been trying to give its app for iPad users and thier was rumour that it will come with iPhone 4s but all that was not true and so finally Facebook has released its iPad app. After several months of speculation, rumours and anticipation, Facebook has officially joined Apple's tablet revolution by launching its first official iPad app. To ensure that iPad users get the full Facebook experience, the social networking company has paired the new app with improvements to its mobile version.
Use the left-hand navigation to get around
 Users can also view larger photos with a vivid slideshow on-the-go. Facebook has also introduced support for social games on the mobile versions of its online service. The search bar is located at the top of the left-hand navigation menu, which also includes groups, lists, games and apps. The notifications and messages appear at the top every screen.The iPad users can enjoy video chatting with friends, IM, and play games using the full-screen mode.The app also enables the users to watch and record HD videos.

Here are some of the highlights.

A hands-on Facebook
Use your fingertips to scroll through your News Feed. Give the screen a swipe to page through albums. Pinch a picture to zoom in. Whatever you're up to, using Facebook on your iPad just feels fun.

Bigger, better photos
Photos really shine on the iPad. They're bigger and easy to flip through, like a real photo album. It's like having a slideshow with all your friends and memories, wherever you go.
Get notifications and messages at the top of every screen
Navigate anywhere, fast
Your games, apps, groups and lists are in the left-hand menu, so you don't have to dig around to find the stuff you use most. And your messages and notifications are at the top of every screen, so you can respond to friends and keep up with important updates—without losing your place.

Chat, games and other features
The app comes with a bunch of other new features: You can chat with friends right from your iPad, for example, or play games and use apps in full-screen mode. You can also watch high-res videos inline, record HD video and stream to Airplay devices.

So enjoy the long awaited iPad app and give comments about your experience with it.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Russia plans orbiting hotel in space

Russian company Orbital Technologies has unveiled an ambitious plan of launching a ‘Space Hotel’ or a commercial space station with huge windows for viewing the Earth by 2016, according to the Daily Mail.
A five day stay in the hotel, which would house seven guests in four cabins, would cost 100,000 pounds, on top of 500,000 pounds for journey.

"Space tourism is a real and fast-growing business," said Sergei Kostenko, head of Russian firm Orbital Technologies, said at the MAKS air show. "Whoever builds the first new spaceship now will reap big dividends."Russian officials say at least one of four U.S. companies at the forefront of the commercial space industry could develop space taxis by 2016 to take astronauts into low Earth orbit, up to an altitude of about 2,000 km (1,250 miles).Orbital Technologies' Kostenko said the space hotel would be more comfortable than the space station, but did not promise luxury -- vacationers would still have to eat space food, take sponge baths and use vacuum toilets because of weightlessness.
Orbital Technologies plans to use Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecrafts to transport passengers and workers to the "great gig in the sky," although it does not rule out using other manned spacecraft made in the United States, Europe and China.
The firm is tight-lipped about how much it will cost to stay at the hotel, although the Russian government is hoping that the project can be a cash cow for its space exploration program.
"We consider the Commercial Space Station a very interesting project, encouraging private participation," says Vitaly Davydov, Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation. "It will attract private investment for the Russian space industry."

Here's where you'll stay.
Artist rendering of the Commercial Space Station. Price for a night? Somewhere between "a lot" and "a ton."
Orbital Technologies will not confirm whether it has taken any reservations from customers yet, but says there are "many interested parties.

The company claims that the comercial space station would be more comfortable than the International Space Station used by astronauts and cosmonauts. The tourists who will be accompanied by an experienced crew will dine on food prepared on the Earth.

So guys are you interested in this great space tourism.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Is this the end of Internet and IPv4 the next Disaster?????

Now a day’s have you ever been without surfing Net a day??? The answer is No.

Internet has become an essential part of our lives. Everybody is on the Net, surfing with different types of devices including PC’s, Laptop, iPads, and Mobile phones. Each of these need a unique IP address on internet, when directly connected. The present Internet Protocol (IP) addressing system-IPv4-uses a 32 bit number, represented in 4 octets, for example

The problem with IPv4 is that IPv4 addresses are 32-bit numbers, there are only 2^32, or just over four billion possible addresses available; and they have all been allocated. On Feb 3, 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which controls the worldwide distribution of IP addresses, allocated the final pool of IPv4 address space to five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). This means that there are no longer any IPv4 addresses available for allocation from IANA to the five RIRs.

So does this mean the end of the Net?????????

Well, not really. The new addressing scheme, IPv6, uses 128-bit numbers for addresses. Hence, there are 2^128individual addresses available. All new IP addresses from now will be IPv6. But the main problem here is that IPv4 is not directly compatible with IPv6. This means that devices connected via IPv4 cannot communicate directly with systems connected using IPv6, and vice versa. If your website is on an IPv4 connection, it won’t get traffic from IPv6 sites/users, and the reverse is also true.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai and Limelight Networks were among some major organization that offered their content over IPv6 for a 24hour ‘test flight’.
India will start using IPv6 from March 2012, according to a new roadmap released by the Indian Government.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steven Paul Jobs : He is undeniably an extraordinary man by any standard. He has left his mark on no less than five industries: personal computers with Apple II and Macintosh, music with iPod and iTunes, phone with IPhone, and animation with Pixar. The middle-class hippie kid with no college education that he was built a computer empire and became a multi-millionaire in a few years, was fired from his own company before coming back a decade later to save it and turn it into one of the world’s most influential corporations, with millions of fans around the world. He has also contributed to the creation of the new leader in animated movies for decades to come. He has been called a fluke for years, but is now widely acknowledged as one the world’s most eminent business executives and an unrivaled visionary. He has changed millions of lives by making technology easy-to-use, exciting and beautiful.…

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators - brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.”Barack Obama

“Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss   you.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder

“he not only gave me a lot of personal advice and encouragement, he showed all of us how innovation can change lives." - Jerry Yang, Yahoo! co-founder

“For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it's been an insanely great honor.” - Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Now i would like to tell about his life span in short below:

Youth (1955-75):Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24 1955.Young Steve grew up in a valley of apricot orchards that was already turning into the world center of computer technology: Silicon Valley.

Apple’s early years (1975-81):Apple’s first year in business consisted of assembling the boards in Steve’s garage and driving to local computer stores to try and sell them.Woz worked on a new, much improved computer, the Apple II, which he basically finished in 1977. Both Woz and Steve knew the Apple II was a breakthrough computer, much more advanced than anything the market had ever seen.But Apple’s success was threatened, as industry giant IBM was planning to enter the personal computer market in 1981. Apple had to fight back or they would go out of business in a couple of years’ time. Their Apple III computer had already bombed on the marketplace.

Macintosh (1981-85):Steve Jobs was soon thrown out of the Lisa project because he was considered too temperamental a manager. Deeply angry, he took revenge by taking over a small project called Macintosh, determined to make it a cheaper GUI computer that would cannibalize sales of Lisa. Macintosh was in development since 1979 and its concept was “a computer as easy to use as a toaster.” Steve Jobs recruited brilliant young engineers in his Mac team and invigorated them by insufflating a spirit of entrepreneurship and rebellion, calling them “pirates”, unlike the rest of the company, “the Navy.”

The iPod revolution (2001-2006):However the greatest momentum for Apple came from an unexpected source: the iPod. iPod was an integral part of the digital hub strategy. It was started in early 2001, when Steve Jobs realized that he had misplaced his enthusiasm for “desktop video”, i.e. the ability to edit movies on the computer — which was still far from mainstream.

The Pixar-Disney merger (2003-2006):Interestingly enough, iPod also played a critical role in setting Pixar’s future. After having released success after success (A Bug’s Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters Inc. (2001) and Finding Nemo (2003)), the animation studio had decided to let go of its distribution deal with Disney.Steve Jobs, who still owned half of Pixar’s stock, became Disney’s largest individual shareholder (owning 7% of the company’s stock).

Apple Inc. (2006-today):2006 was a critical year for Apple in three respects
The first was the success of the Mac.
The second crucial development from 2006 was the full acceptance by Apple of its new status of consumer electronics powerhouse, thanks to the success of iPod, the walkman of the digital age.
Finally, the third major event of 2006 for Steve was the so-called backdating scandal. 

he loved what he did and gave his heart and soul completely to it to be where he is today, he made everybody realize that talent and ability has nothing to do with qualification!!!

World's cheapest tablet Aakash launched at Rs 2250

NEW DELHI: Finally. Indian education system promotes innovation and independent thinking.
The HRD ministry distributed its low-cost tablet to 500 college students from all over the country on Wednesday. The device that took six years to develop and was once subject to widespread ridicule comes dirt-cheap at Rs 2,250. The government would pick up 50% of the cost and a student will be able to buy it for Rs 1,125.

 Aakash developed by IIT, Rajasthan and other leading institutions, packs all common features found in Android tablets.It comes as a counter to MIT academic Nicholas Negroponte`s One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) project that the Indian government was considering at one point.Sporting a 7-inch touchscreen, Aakash runs on Android 2.2 operating software. According to specifications, it has a high-definition video co-processor for good multimedia experience. 

The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and has support for optional 3G modems. Two full-size USB ports are integrated into the unit. Aakash can be used as an ebook reader. A student will be able to access online streaming of course material and web-based research.

The company has been given the order for 100,000 tablets that would be delivered by November-end. The next order of 10 lakh tablets would go through a tendering process. HRD ministry officials said, "Considering the widespread interest in the product, many companies might independently produce these tablets with competing prices. We do not have a closed mind in terms of innovation of technology and price. All are invited." 

See the video at
guys you can get this in starting of next year... right now its pilot tests are being done. but this would be available in colleges first. . at 50% subsidy. . got everything fine except a resistive touch screen but that too would not count much if you are getting it in just Rs-1125/- ... nice step by indian govt.. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Software for Picture-Perfect Makeup

I was just going through different kinds of softwares and i found a amazing software for picture-perfect makeup.Now all girls can seek perfection during makeup, thanks to a new software developed at Max Planck Intstitute, Germany.

The software takes a 3D image of your face and measures your complexion, shadows and lines. It then matches your face to 60 preprogrammed models and suggest how much makeup should be applied to which parts of your face. It also takes into consideration some personal facial characteristics like frecles or moles. Furthermore, it can determine whether your existing makeup suits your face or not.The calculation methods used for the makeup software can also be used to predict facial age progression.

“With these spatial models we can precisely analyse and evaluate the colour of skin, eyes and hair as well as the shape of the face. These  features have been collected in a databank against which the new faces can be matched. It is with calculation methods that the computer automatically concludes which makeup best accentuates and embellishes the facial features of a particular woman,” said Kristina Scherbaum, who developed the program. So now each young woman can makeup via these softwares and look like the bollwood cellebreties thanks to Max Planck Institute,Germany.  

Solar-Powered Crop-harvesting robot

It was amazing to see that a solar-powered crop-harvesting robot developed by T.J.Davidand Kudikala Shravan Kumar from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)-Hyderabad, has won the Intel India Embedded Challenge 2011. This nationwide competition is an initiative by Intel in India to recognize and reward outstanding ideas in embedded technology, based on the Intel Atom Processor.

The energy efficient, lightweight robot overcomes drawbacks of prior arts of conventional harvesting machines. It requires only 500W of electric energy stored in batteries, which can be charged by solar PV panels or grid power. The cost of harvesting one acre of land is Rs 10 if grid power (at Rs 5 per kw) is used for charging the batteries, while a conventional harvester consumes diesel worth Rs 800.

The machine weighs about 125 kg. It is operational both via remote and electrically, and requires an embedded system and control to operate. The overall cost of the reaping system is Rs 50,000. It can be adapted for cutting various crops apart from paddy and wheat by changing the cutter bar.

The winners were awarded with Rs 10 lakh and will get an opportunity to participate in ‘The Next Big Idea' conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Indian Institute of Management, in collabration with Intel.It is great to see that Indians are bagging good prices in all fields.

Make Calls Without Mobile Towers

Have you ever thought of making a call without mobile towers???

 A team of scientists, led by Flinders University, claims to have designed software that can run on ‘off-the-shelf’ mobile phones and allow them to relay calls without any cell phone tower in the area.

If it happens it would be very helpful during calamities by letting signals from working towers to be relayed in areas lacking signal, allowing calls in and out of the affected area. It also has the potential to dramatically improve mobile telephone coverage in many rural and remote locations where a signal is available from limited locations in a community or with a frustratingly weak signal, say the scientists.

The areas like Leh,  ladhak, and several areas in Jammu and Kashmir  where mobile towers cannot be established due to hilly areas will be helped a lot by this software.”Phones running this software relay calls between themselves. If even just one of those can see a cell tower, then calls can be made with any of the phones, thus sustaining communications in affected areas. A balloon is not necessary; a phone running this software at any vantage point can suffice,” said Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen, who led the team. It would be very interesting to see when this software is going to be released, and when its gona come in India.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

First Look at Android 4

Android 4 is going to be released officially with Samsung Nexus Prime in this Oct.

But however, a couple of weeks ahead of the Nexus Prime’s launch (now rumoured as October 11th), Android fans can get a closer look at Ice Cream Sandwich in the below video. The video, showing off the new UI, was taken by a pleasantly surprised recent purchaser of a Google Nexus S device that was astonishingly running Android 4.0 onboard.

This video doesn't belong to me. I found it interesting so i am posting it in my blog.

Go ahead have a look at android 4 GUI.

Human Brain like Chips

SAN FRANCISCO: Computers, like humans! can learn ??? IBM is taking a key step in training a computer to behave like a human brain, both technologically and physiologically. The company has built two prototype chips that process data more like humans digest information than the chips that now powers PCs and supercomputers and are an evidence of the growing importance of multi-tasking computers.

But when Google tries to fill in your search box based only on a few keystrokes, or your iPhone predicts words as you type a text message, it's only a narrow mimicry of what the human brain is capable.

A six-year-long project involving a hundred researchers and around $41 million funding from the US government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) resulted into the production of these chips. It may take another decade for the chips to be out of the lab and find their place inside products.

The chips' ability to adapt to types of information that it wasn't specifically programmed to expect is a key feature.

 A computer with the power of the human brain is not yet near. But Modha said the latest development is an important step.
``It really changes the perspective from `What if?' to `What now?''' Modha said. ``Today we proved it was possible. There have been many skeptics, and there will be more, but this completes in a certain sense our first round of innovation.''

If such a chip is made it would bring a lot of changes in human life.But still I believe that it is not that easy   because we say that even Albert Einstein was not able to use 100% of his brain, we use it very less but still it brings out great products so a Human Brain like Chips would be interesting to see.

Bionic Fingers

Chloe Holmes, 15, is the youngest person in Europe to be fitted with bionic fingers. She had lost all her fingers to septicaemia in her childhood. A full set of bionic left digits costing Rs 2.86 million(£38,000) have been fitted to her hand which are controlled by electronic signals from the nerve endings in her hand.

Chloe Holmes
The bionic fingrs, which have been made specifically to fit Holmes’ hand, were made by Touch Bionics in Scotland. The hand is fitted with sensors in the sleeve which enables her to control the digits.Its really difficult to make such a device but the technology had made it again....Hats of to you Bionics for giving a new hand to little 15.

Bionic Fingers
Holmes is now learning basic tasks such as cleaning her teeth and using a knife and fork for the first time. She said, “The best thing about my new hand is that now I can hold things”.

 But her life has changed forever after being fitted with the bionic fingers, made by Touch Bionics in Scotland.
Parents Sue and Pete, both 41, said they never had second thoughts despite the cost.

Holmes is really lucky that the technology has advanced now a days otherwise their are lot of persons in India too who does not have fingers.
Finally the technology wins again over the disability.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Nokia India’s Most Trusted Brand

Nokia started its India operations in 1995, and presently operates out of offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata,Jaipur,Lucknow,Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Indian operations comprise of the handsets business; R&D facilities in Bangalore and Mumbai; a manufacturing plant in Chennai and a Design Studio in Bangalore.
Nokia has established itself as the market and brand leader in the mobile devices market in India. 

Nokia may be struggling to compete against high-end smart phones of Apple and Samsung while also loosing share at the cheaper end of the market, but it is still the most trusted brand in India. Its Connecting People tag line seems to have struck a code with the Indian consumer. For a third year running, the company has topped the Brand Trust Report. In second is Tata’s and third is Sony.

The study by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) throws up other surprises as well. Despite being more aggressive marketers, Korean consumer electronics and appliance makers LG and Samsung – ranked fourth and fifth, respectively-were unable to shake off Sony.

Other big names that made their way into the top ten trusted brands are Reliance (ranked sixth) and Airtel (ranked ninth).
Among mobile handsets, Nokia is followed by Micromax, which ranks second (80th overall), closely followed by Blackberry(84th).

A T-shirt that charges mobile phones

Here is the new T-shirt from orange that charges mobile phones while one watches musical bands in action. All you need to do is to plug in your phone into the T-shirt for a quick top-up charge whenever it needs it.

The futuristic garment works by using noise-responsive technology; louder the music, quicker the phone charges, ay its developers.

It uses an A4-size piece of piezo-electric film-a technology commonly used in hi-fi speakers-to absorb pressure from sound waves. The energy gathered from sound waves is stored in a reservoir battery in the form of electrical charge, which it then transfers from its battery into a lead that fits most phones.

Apparently about 80dB of sound will be experienced during a music set, which the shirt will be able to change into 6W of electricty. This is enough to charge a smartphone over the course of the weekend.This simple things changes our way of living.

Robotic Pant for the Paralysed

The new invention of Israel’s Rewalk Robotic Suit would be a benchmark in terms of technology and mankind as a whole. 
After an accident left Israeli entrepreneur AMIT GOFFER paralyzed in 1997, he decided to develop a system that offers an ambulation alternative to wheelchair users. The result was “ReWalk”. The device, worn outside of clothing, not only enables paralyzed people to stand and walk but also climb stairs. The novelty of ReWalk is the manner in which the user is actively involved in walk restoration and other mobility functions through the control processes. After years of clinical testing in US and Israel, the device will go on sale to rehabilitation centers world-wide.

ReWalk consists of leg braces outfitted with motion sensors and motorized joints that are triggered by upper-body movement. A harness around the patient’s waist and shoulders keeps the suit in place; it also includes a backpack with a computer and rechargeable battery. 

Career in Army Via University Entry Scheme(UES)

Indian army invites applications from unmarried male Engineering Degree students studying in Final Year or Pre-final year for Grant of Permanent Commission in the Army in all Arms/Service in  UES.Interested male candidates can also apply for TGC/SSC(Technical) and women candidates for SSCW(T).

Pay Scale : PB-3 Rs.15600-39100+Grade Pay Rs.5400+MSP Rs.6000 plus other allowances.

Education Qualification : B.E./B.Tech students (Applied Electronics, Architecture, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Food Technology, Information Science/Technology, Mechanical, Metallurgical /Materials, Production / Plant) from a recognized University.
Age Limit:

  • 18-24 yrs (Pre final year candidates)
  • 20-27 years (Final Year Degree candidate)
Height and Weight:
  • Height-157.5 cm, Weight- Army rules (for men)
  • Height- 152 cm, Weight – 42 kg (for women)
Eye Sight: Distant Vision (corrected) better eye:6/6, worse eye : 6/18 myopia : not grater than 3.50
Procedure of Selection: On the basis of SSB interview followed by Medical Examination

Further detail regarding this entry scheme can be seen at You can use common applicaiton form available at For complete advertisement and application format, kindly see Employment news weekly.

Big Boss Season 5 With Salman and Sanjay as Host

Bigg Boss 5 goes on air on Viacom 18′s Colors from 2 October, with gossip circulating around not only which celebrity contestants will appear but also who might appear as a guest host. The house, now located at Karjat instead of Lonavala, will act as both home and prison over the next three months for 14 contestants, rumoured to include shamed boxer Mike Tyson and Latin pop sensation Shakira.

It's almost a Bachna ae haseeno moment in the Bigg Boss house this season. Thirteen beauties from different walks of life entered the fifth edition of the controversial reality show, with Bollywood villain Shakti Kapoor in tow on Sunday night. What will add "double dhamaal" is hero Salman Khan and "khalnayak" Sanjay Dutt's chemistry as the hosts.

The participants include - model Shraddha Sharma, who grabbed headlines for her relationship with former Bigg Boss contestant Raja Chaudhary; former Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai, who was banned in the country for wearing a bikini; Nihita Biswas, wife of "Bikini Killer" Charles Sobhraj and actress-singer Raageshwari, who has bounced back to arc lights after battling serious health problems

Other contestants include Pooja Missra, Pooja Bedi, Juhi Parmar, model-actress and winner of Miss India International 2003 Shonali Nagrani, popular host Mandeep Bevli, and Rajasthani folk dancer Gulabo Sapera. Actress Mahek Chahal, who is said to be a close friend of Salman, has also joined the list.


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