Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Make Calls Without Mobile Towers

Have you ever thought of making a call without mobile towers???

 A team of scientists, led by Flinders University, claims to have designed software that can run on ‘off-the-shelf’ mobile phones and allow them to relay calls without any cell phone tower in the area.

If it happens it would be very helpful during calamities by letting signals from working towers to be relayed in areas lacking signal, allowing calls in and out of the affected area. It also has the potential to dramatically improve mobile telephone coverage in many rural and remote locations where a signal is available from limited locations in a community or with a frustratingly weak signal, say the scientists.

The areas like Leh,  ladhak, and several areas in Jammu and Kashmir  where mobile towers cannot be established due to hilly areas will be helped a lot by this software.”Phones running this software relay calls between themselves. If even just one of those can see a cell tower, then calls can be made with any of the phones, thus sustaining communications in affected areas. A balloon is not necessary; a phone running this software at any vantage point can suffice,” said Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen, who led the team. It would be very interesting to see when this software is going to be released, and when its gona come in India.

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