Saturday, 15 October 2011

PSLV Does it Again For INDIA

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle(PSLV –C18) demonstrated its reliability and consistency yet again when it put four satellites in orbit on Wednesday 12,2011. It was great to see that the four stage fired the four in orbit after 21 minutes of a flawless flight,the 19th consecutive success of the PSLV.

The satellites were: Megha-Tropiques, SRMSat, Jugnu, VesselSat.
Below is the details of these satellites;

The Megha-Tropiques satellite an Indo-French mission is designed to study the clouds in the tropical regions of the world that play a major role in climate change.It is 1000-kg satellite with a life span of five years, would cover the entire globe in a day, and information from it would reach the public in three hours.It will help in predicting Indian monsoons,flood,cyclones and droughts, besides estimating weather in the short term and climate in the long term in tropical countries.
The SRMSat satellite is built by students of SRM University, near chennai.It would address the problem of global-warming and pollution in the atmosphere by monitoring the carbon-dioxide and water vapour there.

The Jugnu satellite put together by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur students  is a three kg satellite which has a camera to keep a tab on the vegetation and status of water bodies.
The VesselSat satellite from Luxembourg will help in locating ships cruising in the sea lanes of the world.It is a 29 kg satellite built by LuxSpace of Luxembourg has an automatic identification system for locating ships at sea in the region covered by the satellite’s footprints.

The four satellites were shot into orbit one after the other at a velocity of 26,000 km an hour.This is the 19th consecutive successful mission of PSLV out of 20 launches since 1993.

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  1. well done ISRO and university students.keep it up.




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