Monday, 3 October 2011

Robotic Pant for the Paralysed

The new invention of Israel’s Rewalk Robotic Suit would be a benchmark in terms of technology and mankind as a whole. 
After an accident left Israeli entrepreneur AMIT GOFFER paralyzed in 1997, he decided to develop a system that offers an ambulation alternative to wheelchair users. The result was “ReWalk”. The device, worn outside of clothing, not only enables paralyzed people to stand and walk but also climb stairs. The novelty of ReWalk is the manner in which the user is actively involved in walk restoration and other mobility functions through the control processes. After years of clinical testing in US and Israel, the device will go on sale to rehabilitation centers world-wide.

ReWalk consists of leg braces outfitted with motion sensors and motorized joints that are triggered by upper-body movement. A harness around the patient’s waist and shoulders keeps the suit in place; it also includes a backpack with a computer and rechargeable battery. 

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