Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Software for Picture-Perfect Makeup

I was just going through different kinds of softwares and i found a amazing software for picture-perfect makeup.Now all girls can seek perfection during makeup, thanks to a new software developed at Max Planck Intstitute, Germany.

The software takes a 3D image of your face and measures your complexion, shadows and lines. It then matches your face to 60 preprogrammed models and suggest how much makeup should be applied to which parts of your face. It also takes into consideration some personal facial characteristics like frecles or moles. Furthermore, it can determine whether your existing makeup suits your face or not.The calculation methods used for the makeup software can also be used to predict facial age progression.

“With these spatial models we can precisely analyse and evaluate the colour of skin, eyes and hair as well as the shape of the face. These  features have been collected in a databank against which the new faces can be matched. It is with calculation methods that the computer automatically concludes which makeup best accentuates and embellishes the facial features of a particular woman,” said Kristina Scherbaum, who developed the program. So now each young woman can makeup via these softwares and look like the bollwood cellebreties thanks to Max Planck Institute,Germany.  

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