Thursday, 6 October 2011

World's cheapest tablet Aakash launched at Rs 2250

NEW DELHI: Finally. Indian education system promotes innovation and independent thinking.
The HRD ministry distributed its low-cost tablet to 500 college students from all over the country on Wednesday. The device that took six years to develop and was once subject to widespread ridicule comes dirt-cheap at Rs 2,250. The government would pick up 50% of the cost and a student will be able to buy it for Rs 1,125.

 Aakash developed by IIT, Rajasthan and other leading institutions, packs all common features found in Android tablets.It comes as a counter to MIT academic Nicholas Negroponte`s One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) project that the Indian government was considering at one point.Sporting a 7-inch touchscreen, Aakash runs on Android 2.2 operating software. According to specifications, it has a high-definition video co-processor for good multimedia experience. 

The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and has support for optional 3G modems. Two full-size USB ports are integrated into the unit. Aakash can be used as an ebook reader. A student will be able to access online streaming of course material and web-based research.

The company has been given the order for 100,000 tablets that would be delivered by November-end. The next order of 10 lakh tablets would go through a tendering process. HRD ministry officials said, "Considering the widespread interest in the product, many companies might independently produce these tablets with competing prices. We do not have a closed mind in terms of innovation of technology and price. All are invited." 

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guys you can get this in starting of next year... right now its pilot tests are being done. but this would be available in colleges first. . at 50% subsidy. . got everything fine except a resistive touch screen but that too would not count much if you are getting it in just Rs-1125/- ... nice step by indian govt.. 

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