Saturday, 10 December 2011

Android based Smart watch

Whenever we talk about Smartphone’s or tablet Android comes into mind as it is the largest used Operating System (OS) in the world. Android tops Operating System (OS) race with 48 per cent market share.

Android started with its OS in Phones and slowly it has increased so much that Android is in Smartphone’s, Smart TVs, Smart tablets, Smart apps, Smart PC and now Smart Watches too.

After Smartphone’s and tablet, android is now set to become popular in the watch segment too. A company named ‘I’m’ has unveiled an Android based watch called the I’m Watch. The company calls it a ‘smart watch’, which cannot only handle calls but also read SMSs. It also connects the user to an app store dubbed I’market. It’s a great step towards new technology.

So with this Android will cover almost all the market place. Each company is now trying to make applications related to Android even gaming world is shifted more towards Android. Let us see how Smart watch will influence the people.

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