Thursday, 1 December 2011

My hands on NFS-Run

NFS-Run is a good game but small, i completed the game in 2 days. Need For Speed The Run is the latest NFS game. When I started the game I felt very happy by seeing the graphics of the game. I started NFS-Run game and the starting story was good, the person need to escape from a car and his face expressions were really awesome. The game started good but I was expecting some what more when it ends. The ending of the game was not satisfactory and at some places in game, the reason why our car got wrecked is difficult to understand, that is very much irritating. When the game seems to be boring after chasing next opponents with the same car, the new set of cars are available at a stage. But the game is having very less petrol stations where you can can select a car from different cars. The graphics are really good, game becomes interesting when we need to pass sharply through the large traffic. The handling of the car is difficult for new buddies. Over all I would like to rate this game as 3.2 out of 5. Mainly due to graphics and the tracks in game. I was thinking that i will get some more hands on some more cars but it was a disappointing from NFS-Run.

Plus Points: Graphics, nice tracks, starting Story-mode and HD face expressions, good start.
Minus: Less car handling for new buddies, sort ending, less cars, no multiplayer option for offline.

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