Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Secret of successful persons

Secret of successful persons

What is the secret of successful persons? This question comes into many minds and has different approach of answers in every mind. The successful persons like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Albert Einstein, etc. These persons have different history behind their success but they have a common thing in them. They succeeded in different field of work but the secret behind their work is as small as an atom. We all have brain, some people says that all persons have same brain but practically why it doesn’t seems to be? The answer is the secret that they all have memory power in their brain. They all can remember the things in their mind; they all can process ideas or a piece of their memory at exact time and exact way. Brain memory is the secret of all successful persons. Our brain memory is volatile like the main memory of computer (i.e. RAM), but we do have memory of two types: 1. Permanent memory (it is like secondary storage of computer memory) 2. Temporary memory (it is like RAM in computer memory).

Whatever we see through our eyes or we heir from our ears, the information is first stored in temporary memory of the brain. The things which we don’t forget are stored in our permanent memory in brain.

So memory is the key to success. If a person can store more in his permanent brain memory, the more he can use it and his success rate will be increased.

When the memory is so much important then you would be thinking how to improve it?

 The answer is hidden behind this explanation,

A small child when born he/she doesn’t know anything about this world, he doesn’t know A, B, C, D.... He/she doesn’t know any language; they don’t know mathematics, etc. But they learn from their parents or elders or other persons. All children don’t grasp everything fast when they were taught. Again the secret behind the successful child’s are memory of their brain. It depends on how we teach them and the process of teaching may not be same for all. A child is asked to repeat again and again the same alphabets, math tables, calendar months, etc. Why they are asked to repeat them is to allow them to store it in their permanent memory.

So the first answer/solution is, repeating a thing again and again. To remember a thing you can write it on the walls or paste some poster on the wall such that you will be seeing them again and again, so automatically your brain will store them in permanent memory.

The above answer may be good for some things but not for all. So the second answer is eat some foods which increase your memory, you can eat fish.

The third answer is imagination; yes you can imagine any equation, theory or problem and relate it to real life object. For example, “AB+DD=xxyy” you can remember this equation by thinking the first ‘AB’ as name of some person and ‘DD’ as some other object/person, which results into ‘xxyy’.  My cot is “Girl ‘AB’ applies ‘DD’ cream on her face and becomes beauty ‘xxyy’”. Imagination can also be related to exact objects when it comes to chemistry, for example mixing sugar and water, there you need not relate it to some other object or person; just relate it to real sugar and water in your imagination in mind.

I am telling you, the last answer is really awesome. I had helped my friends in remembering the difficult problems by using their girlfriend’s names in explanation part and the studies became fun and the person to whom I explained it, he remembered that problem in his exam by remembering his girlfriend lol ;-) 

Remember the secret of a successful person is its memory in brain.

One can’t create invention or achievement until he/she has anything in their mind. If a person doesn’t remember more things then how he/she can use it when it is needed. So learn more and try to store more in your permanent brain memory. Be a successful person.


  1. You are saying true Genus mind can change the world. It all about the primary & secondary memory of computer.


  2. yes @Anna Watson a Genius mind can change the world and its not all about the computer memory but its about the memory of the brain and the efforts made by the Genius Minds.




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