Monday, 12 December 2011

Ubuntu for mobiles and tablets

Are you Ubuntu Fan????

If you are an Ubuntu fan, you will love this one. You will now be able to enjoy your favorite Linux-based operating system (OS) on your mobile handsets and tablets as well.

This free and open source operating system is all set to challenge Google’s Android OS. Canonicals’ founder, Mark Shuttle worth, revealed that the company will focus on its longer-term goal of expanding to all computing platforms, including mobile phones, tablet devices and also smart TVs.

Ubuntu, however innovative, will have to face a tough competition from Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Each and every big company is now trying to invest in making mobile handsets and tablets as its easy and profitable. But it would be interesting to see Linux-based operating system (OS) on mobiles. And as Linux is least affected by virus similarly in mobile OS it will resist virus unlike Android.

So let us wait for our favorite Linux-based operating system (OS) on mobile handsets and tablets to come to market. If you are really a Ubuntu fan show me your interest by commenting below weather you like this step of Ubuntu or not.

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