Friday, 27 January 2012

Anonymous hacks FTC's site,to Oppose Piracy Bill

It was great to see that Anonymous Hackers are also against SOPA bills and they hacked the US Government site to oppose the bill,read the article till end you will be amazed by what Anonymous promises....

Part of its continued protest against online piracy bills, ACTA/PIPA/SOPA, hacker groups Anonymous and AntiSec Ops took down a U.S. government anti-scam website,, on Tuesday.

The FTC said yesterday it has taken the site offline, and will keep it that way until they can secure it. The website contains information from various U.S. government agencies, such as military and law enforcement.

Anonymous hackers recently took out the DOJ, FBI, Universal Music Group, MPAA, RIAA, and U.S. Copyright office websites, calling it their single biggest strike till date.

Announcing the deed on pastebin, along with links to file dumps, Anonymous hackers said:

If SOPA/PIPA/ACTA passes we will wage a relentless war against the corporate internet, destroying dozens upon dozens of government and company websites. As you are reading this we are amassing our allied armies of darkness, preparing boatloads of stolen booty for our next raid. We are sitting on hundreds of rooted servers getting ready to drop all your mysql dumps and mail spools. Your passwords? Your precious bank accounts? Even your online dating details?! You ain't even trying to step to this.

"So Guys please do comment on what you feel about this action by Anonymous."

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